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Getting Married

Congratulations! Lots of changes will be coming your way. From the gift registration and the ceremony, to the reception and the honeymoon, this is a special event.

We can help. Personal loans, VISA credit cards and even a Home Equity Loan may be a good way for you or your parents to help manage the cost of your wedding, honeymoon, and the setup of your new home.

Details needing attention after the wedding:

Joint Accounts
Your new life with your spouse means combining a lot of things, like your appliances, furniture and credit union accounts. If you haven't already added your spouse to your checking and savings accounts, that's one of the first steps you need to do. Remember to bring a copy of your marriage license and your new driver's license or state ID if your name is changing.

NOTE: Money can be one of the biggest dividing points in a new marriage. Don't let this happen to you. Talk with your spouse-to-be early in your relationship about finances and financial goals. Focus on areas of agreement and recognize that autonomy might be important early on.

Re-order checks to include your spouse

Order new VISA Debit and Credit Cards

Change your information with your local Social Security office (if name change)

Get your drivers license information updated

New Address?
Make sure to update all your insurance policies, any brokerage accounts, and your credit union accounts

Weddings can be expensive, and bills can rack up fast. Consider a debt consolidation loan. It can be an easy way to reduce your interest rate and make your payment simpler by pulling all of your debts into one monthly bill.

The Future
As you look forward to married life, you might want to consider your financial goals. Are you saving for a new home? Preparing for a family? HCU can help. We offer investments in Money Market Accounts, IRAs, Certificates and more. And, through our HCU Investment and Insurance Services group, we can offer professional advice, more sophisticated investment options, and long-term financial planning.