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VISA Credit Card Q&A

Common questions about our credit cards

Q. Why should I use the HCU VISA?
A. Great local service including same day card production, a variety of programs to fit your needs, and extremely competitive rates and terms are all excellent reasons to switch to an HCU VISA credit card.

Q. Is it possible to put a stop payment on a VISA charge?
A. No. We recommend blocking the account and opening a new account with a different account number.

Q. Is the interest paid on HCU VISA cards tax deductible?
A. Generally, unless you are using the card in a business, VISA card interest is not tax deductible. As always, we encourage you to ask your tax preparer for guidance in this area.

Q. What are the terms for your VISA card?
A. Click here for the full VISA agreement.

Q. I just received my card and it states that it must be activated to be used. Why?
A. This is an anti-fraud measure to make sure that someone has not intercepted you new card while it was in-route to you. This feature protects you and Hutchinson Credit Union and activation of the card is quick and easy. We also offer an activation panel inside of HCU Online Banking to make this task even easier.

Q. I just had a call from your office asking if I made certain charges on my HCU VISA. Why?
A. Hutchinson Credit Union takes a proactive stance in the battle against credit card fraud. We have computer programs in place that monitor your account activity and search for unusual purchasing patterns. If we detect something out of the ordinary, we will call and ask if you made the charges. This helps to stop fraud and keep costs down for all of us.

Q. What do I do in the event of a charge dispute with a merchant?
A. If there is an incorrect item on your statement please contact the merchant/company first. Most of the time there is a phone number for the merchant on your statement.
   If you can not resolve the charge with the merchant/company notify us in writing with a detailed letter immediately. Include the method you used to contact the company, who you spoke with and dates and times you had contact with them. Please also include your card number, your signature (legible) and details of the transaction (date, place, and ref number).
   We will then issue the initial chargeback (if Visa Regulation allow). The merchant/company then has 45 days to review the chargeback and then will decide to accept or re-present the charge. If they re-present the charge we will be in contact with you and together decide what actions need to taken at that time.
   Remember at no time during this dispute resolution pay for the amount of the charge. When you pay for the charge you are accepting responsibility for that charge. Also let us know ASAP when there is a problem which you cannot resolve yourself - we have limited time frames available to process a chargeback.