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Wiring Instructions

Wiring funds to another financial institution and receiving wires from another financial institution.

See our rate sheet for current charges.

To wire funds to another financial instituion:

You will need to supply us with the receiving institutions 'Wiring Instructions' which includes the following information:

    • Bank Name
    • Bank Address
    • City, State
    • ABA or Routing #
    • Phone

If the receiving institution is not online with the Federal Reserve then they may go through another institution in which case we will need the same information as above.  Sometimes there is an Account Number associated with that bank also.

If in a branch, you will need to complete a Wire Transfer Request Form, which asks for the following:

    • Your Member Number
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number you can be reached at
    • How much money you would like to send
    • From which share you desire the money to come from
    • The name of the person the money is going to
    • Their address, city, state
    • Their account number
    • Your Phone Security Code

If do not have a Transfer Agreement on file with us, we need to have you complete one and verify more information, for security purposes. 

This can all be done by phone, however we will need to mail you a Transfer Agreement to sign. An HCU employee other than the one who originally took the wire will have to call you back verifying information if the amount is over $500 and we do not have a Transfer Agreement on file. We will also need to call you back if the wire amount is over $5000.

To receive wired funds from another financial instituion:

Credit to: Kansas Corporate Credit Union
Wichita, Kansas
ABA Routing # 301180111

Further Credit to: Hutchinson Credit Union
ABA Routing # 301178372

Final Credit to: Member’s Name
Member’s Account Number (member number) plus the sub-account the funds should be deposited to