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Why you need Real Overdraft Protection

HCU offers a real alternative to payday lenders and high priced overdraft programs. We call it Real Overdraft Protection and recommend it to every member with an HCU checking account.

Let's face it, we all need some extra cash from time to time. And, sometimes, it's simply an adding mistake that's at the root of the problem. HCU Real Overdraft protection is a three-layer system designed to cost you the least amount of money and offer you real convenience.  If you're enrolled, we begin with layer one and move through layer three in an attempt to pay your check (or debit card transaction). You can opt in/out of each layer as you like; participation is up to you.

Layer one is our overdraft line-of-credit loan that basically does nothing until you need it. A $200 loan with this layer, over a period of a week,  would only cost you about 70 cents. Nothing else even comes close to the value this line-of-credit can offer. Every HCU member should opt-in to this layer!

Layer two is a transfer from an account that you own. It could be any account that you have ownership of, including other checking accounts. It's cheap and taps into funds you already have.

Layer three is courtesy pay. Basically, we pay your overdraft and charge you a reduced overdraft fee (currently $19). It's the most expensive layer, and the last safety net in our three layer system, but it's still about 50% cheaper than what our competitors charge for similar services.

All in all, we feel we offer the most beneficial and flexible overdraft protection system around. If you have HCU checking and haven't signed up for this service, you might want to ask yourself why. Contact us today to get your Real Overdraft Protection in place.

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