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HSA Certificates Available Now

HSA certificates are now available and give your HSA a higher yielding option.

HSA (Health Savings Accounts) accounts are gaining in popularity, due to the fact that they are one of the best available methods to save for future health care costs. Beginning July 1st, members with HCU HSA accounts can invest in any of our certificates, including any certificate specials we might offer. This gives account holders additional earning power, which is important for a long term commitment such an HSA. Click here for more information.

There can be a downside to putting your HSA funds into certificates. If you have to cash out an HSA certificate early to pay for health care costs you will have an early withdrawal penalty to pay. That is why we recommend that you not have all of your HSA funds in certificates. A good strategy would be to keep an adequate proportion in HSA savings, with the remainder in various certificates maturing at different time periods. This would give you maximum return while lessening the potential for surrendering a certificate early.