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   Hometown Spending helps us all

What is The H FACTOR?              

The H FACTOR is an initiative by the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce to raise awareness of the importance of spending money here at home. The H FACTOR involves more than just retail shopping; it includes restaurants, health care providers, professional services, business supplies, entertainment--everything that Reno County has to offer! You might not be able to find everything you need at home, but we encourage you to look here first. Before you buy online or go out of town to shop, dine, or seek health care, think about the impact local spending makes on our community.

Click HERE to view the H FACTOR Poster


Why Hometown Spending?

  •      Want someone to answer when you call 911?
    - In Hutchinson, 25ยข of every local sales tax dollar pays for police, fire and emergency services

  •      Want property tax relief?
    - Reno County's sales tax reduces the need for 8 mills in property taxes
    - Hutchinson's sales tax receipts offset the need for 45 mills

  •      Want great streets, parks and trails?
    - They're all supported by the local sales tax

Why is The H FACTOR important?

*     Provides property tax relief
Local governments that receive hefty budgetary support through sales tax become less dependent upon property tax hikes to fund community services. Hometown spending can help keep the mill levy low - meaning lower property taxes for everyone.
*     Funds local government budgets
When you shop in Reno County, 1% of the total state sales tax is allocated for local funding. These revenues fund vital resources for our community - education, parks and recreation, law enforcement, health, and emergency services and more. In fact, the largest part of both the county and the city general fund is generated through sales tax revenues. Valuable services were cut this year because of budget shortfalls. Remembering The H FACTOR will help to ensure services are funded in the future.

*     Encourages new and expanded businesses
Hometown spending encourages entrepreneurship, as proprietors consider the success of existing businesses before deciding to open their own. Communities with a reputation for supporting local commerce will be more attractive to start-up companies, and those looking to expand their business here.

*     Creates local jobs
Local businesses provide jobs for residents and spending at one local company helps support others. Local businesses use community banks, accountants, attorneys, ad agencies and other services. This creates a domino effect, leading to more jobs and wages for your friends and neighbors.

*     Saves drive time and money
Save your time, gas money and the wear-and-tear on your vehicle from driving out-of-town for shopping or services. Likewise, don't bother paying shipping and waiting a week for an online purchase. Try to find what you need in Reno County first.

*     Reduces your carbon footprint
Hometown spending reduces drive and shipping time, cutting down on fuel consumption and air pollution.

*     Fosters community pride
Reno County has a lot to offer! Take a look at the Chamber online directory HERE to find what you're looking for. Hometown spending strengthens the economic base of every community, protecting our well-being and prosperity.

How can I help with The H FACTOR?

We need your help -The H FACTOR message starts with you! Spread the word to our community about the benefits of hometown spending. Talk to your friends, families, and co-workers about this initiative! Use this link to help to help spread the message : The H FACTOR

Click HERE for other ways to help with the H FACTOR
Click HERE to download The H FACTOR logo in several formats.

Most importantly, spend your dollars locally whenever you can. Before you go out of town to shop, dine, or visit a doctor, stop and think about how your dollars could strengthen our own community. Remember The H FACTOR - Hometown spending helps us all.