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Hutchinson Credit Union was formed April 1, 1948 as the "Hutchinson Teachers Credit Union".


The Credit Union started life with 14 members and $315.00 in assets. The original place of business was in the home of Clyde and Lela Burk at 528 E. Sherman in Hutchinson.


Click here for a video timeline of our history, from HCU 2008 Annual Meeting (12 Mb, WMV)

An In-Depth Timeline of Hutchinson Credit Union

Credit Union founded. Hutchinson Teachers allowed membership only.
Strictly a place to invest and/or borrow.
The credit union continued in this mode for over 20 years.

1966 through 1974
Technology started taking over!
Accounts were listed in numerical order rather than alpha. What an improvement-faster, greater accuracy- fantastic!
Posting machine purchased, all account records kept on ledger cards. No more hand posting!
Custodians of schools, secretaries, and food service employees were allowed to join.
Margaret Banker, President

The big decision made to build a building at 23rd & Severance in Hutchinson. Moved in January, 1973. Originally shared building with an insurance agency. Nothing much built in the area which was previously mainly open fields.

1975 through 1980
"Batch" data processing with Farmland Industries was started. This was a major step forward.
Also: Certificate Program initiated and Share Insurance (NCUA) implemented

Merger with Hutchinson Hospital Credit Union

Name changed to Hutchinson Credit Union

On-line data processing with CUNA Data.
Remodeled and added to present main building.
Added basement and "banking" equipment.
Other equipment added: CRT's, printers, check writer, Coin counter, currency counter, safe deposit boxes, rotary color coded file system, microfilmer, reader and printer, document shredder, memory typewriters

VISA Credit Card Program added.
Mortgage lending takes hold and prospers.

Main building again remodeled.
Several personal computers (IBM 8088 PCs) added. Credit Bureaus are pulled via computer.

Merger--Farm Credit Bank Employees Credit Union--our first branch office at 245 N. Waco in Wichita (FCBECU had an older charter than we did)
Fax machine at main branch--a revolution!
Margaret Banker retires; Garth Strand named new HCU President
Drive-thru added to the East.

Check encoder, more terminals added, additional staff added, deposits send daily to Federal Reserve.

Board of Directors declared a 1% interest refund and a 1% dividend bonus based on all interest paid and dividends earned in 1990.

New Drive-thru at Main Branch added. No more traffic jams!
Assets grew to over 32 million

Mortgage software was added. Nearly 5 million dollars of mortgage loans were processed
Hutch-Line appears for the first time.
Scottie Savers Club started on February 6th. Over 100 Scottie Savers accounts were opened.
Electronic tax filing

Bill pay added; access via telephone only

A major expansion was completed that doubled the size of the existing main branch to around 15,000 square feet.

Our very first ATM is installed in the emergency room of Hutchinson Hospital.

Opening of our new full service branch office in Haven, Kansas. This was a new branch and was not the result of a merger.
Year 2000 preparation starts.
The Hutch-Card VISA is available.

Completion of our Ethernet Wan connecting all branches.
Year 2000 preparation takes top priority. Many systems replaced, others upgraded. Testing, testing, testing.

Opening of our Web Branch at
Hutch-Line moves back home with a revamped interface and unlimited free transactions.
Document Imaging swings into high gear.
Year 2000 issues are a major topic for all.

Year 2000 issues cause no problems.
A new branch at A and Adams in Hutchinson is announced.
In-house secondary market mortgage loan servicing begins.

The new branch at A and Adams in Hutchinson opens.
We move to a new in-house data processing system from Symitar Systems that gives us vast new capabilities
We take control of our ATM network by bringing it completely in-house.

Our VISA card program is moved entirely in-house

Wanda Hatcher leaves HCU, after 31 years of service.
HCU joins the Co-op No Surcharge ATM network, giving members access to 18,000 (and growing) free ATMs nationwide
Online mortgage loan approval added to website
HCU makes major new commitment to business services

Our branch in Haven is moved down the street to a newly remodeled facility
Our Newton branch at 2201 S. Kansas Avenue opens
Five check-cashing depository ATMs are added
Bill pay is added to our online services
New consumer checking accounts are added to our services.

New business checking accounts are added to our services
New offices built for MMS (Members Mortgage Services, a division of HCU) in basement of Avenue A branch

DollarTrax services added

Phone center expands and finds a new home
Real Overdraft Protection is added to our services

Board of Directors declared a 1% interest refund and a 1% dividend bonus based on all interest paid and dividends earned.
60th Anniversary of HCU

Support Center at 4000 N. Monroe opened
MMS moves into their own building at 29th and Main in Hutchinson

All HCU ATMs replaced to comply with new ADA guidelines

Merger with Hutchinson News Credit Union