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VISA over limit opt-in changes

New regulations have changed the way we provide over-the-limit coverage for your HCU VISA credit card(s).

Before 2-22-10, all Hutchinson Credit Union cardholders were included in our over-the-limit coverage.
Since 2-23-10, we have allowed members to go over their limit at no additional charge, as a courtesy.
As of 11-1-10, we will ONLY provide VISA over-the-limit coverage for members who opt-in.

This change means that beginning Nov. 1st, in order to allow your credit card balance to go over your credit limit, you must opt-in to our over-the-credit limit program. You may request to opt-in or out of this program at any time.

Our over-the-credit limit program gives you flexibility and reduces the chances for embarrassment at the check-out.  Our VISA credit card over-the-credit limit program is available to HCU credit card holders with a credit limit of $1,000 or more. Share secured HCU VISA cards are not eligible for this coverage.  This program allows your HCU VISA credit card balance to exceed your credit limit by up to $400. If at the end of each month when we produce your VISA statement you are still over your limit, your account will be assessed a $19 fee. 
If you pay down your over-limit balance before the end of the month, there will be no fee.

If your HCU credit limit is below $1,000 and you would like to add over-the-limit coverage, please contact us to see about increasing your limit.

To opt-in to our VISA credit card over-the-credit limit program: