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23rd Ave. ATM Update

**update** The 23rd & Severance vestibule ATM is now fully operational!


We've just received word that the company replacing our ATM in the vestibule at our 23rd Ave. branch won't be able to get us the new one until late October. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but in the meantime feel free to use the drive-up ATM or visit one of our friendly tellers inside!

In case you somehow missed the story on what happened to the ATM, here's a recap. On Sept. 13th, 2011, someone tried to withdraw money from the 23rd Ave vesitbule ATM. Well apparently they forgot their debit card, so they tried to make the withdrawal with a large chain and their truck. Needless to say it didn't work, as the chain snapped and the person left with nothing. Back to the present; the glass and doors have all been repaired, but the ATM can't be replaced until the end of October. We'll update you if that changes (hopefully for the better).

At HCU, we take pride in the security measures we've taken to ensure our members and their money are kept safe. When incidents like this occur and fail, it's a reminder that things can happen and all the daily measures we take to prevent loss are worth every second.

P.S. Our ATM's start at 900 pounds, in case you were wondering.