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HCU needs your help with pending senate legislation

Why let the government limit who you do business with?
Credit unions are sitting on billions of dollars we could be responsibly lending to small businesses, if only Congress would repeal the arbitrary regulation that stops us from doing it.

We have a chance to change the status quo with U.S. Senate Bill S.2231, the Credit Union Small Business Jobs Bill.

In today's environment, many small businesses have credit access concerns. In Kansas, this bill could result in an estimated $50 million dollars in additional small business loans and would add 500 jobs. Nationwide it would add $13 Billion and 140,000 new jobs. All at no cost to taxpayers.

Hutchinson Credit Union in particular does quite a bit of small business lending. However we could do more, much more, if we were freed from the arbitrary regulations binding us.

Simple common sense legislation that frees up capital for small businesses, resulting in a better economy and more choices for consumers.

The Banking industry is doing all it can to stop this legislation. We need your support today, as a vote on S.2231 is coming up soon in the senate.

We'd like to do more to help small businesses.

Please sign our petition in support of S.2231.

AND, if you feel as strongly about small business as we do, please also contact Senators Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts today. Tell them you want to help small business in America. Tell them you would like their support on Senate Bill S.2231, the Credit Union Small Business Jobs Bill.

Senator Jerry Moran
Phone: (316) 631-1410

Senator Pat Roberts
Phone: (316) 263-0416