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Senate Form Letter S.2231

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Please support the Credit Union Small Business Jobs Act, S.2231.

I'm a member of Hutchinson Credit Union, and this bill would allow HCU, and credit unions across the country, to support more small businesses in our communities.

Credit unions have been making member business loans since their inception in the early 1900s. For many years, Hutchinson Credit Union has been making responsible loans to local businesses. In 1998, Congress placed an arbitrary lending cap on credit union business lending of 12.25% of assets as part of a political compromise demanded by the banking industry.

This cap has been holding back our communities ever since, limiting local business lending and investment in the Central Kansas area.

For the past few years, the Credit Union industry has been trying to get new legislation passed-- Senate Bill S.2231,  The Credit Union Small Business Jobs Act-- to nearly double our business lending cap and open up more credit for small businesses.

Now, as the act is about to be voted on in the Senate, the Banking lobby is intent on selling Congress on the notion that the Credit Union Small Business Jobs Act is bad for America. They are determined that this bill shouldn't even get a chance to be voted on.

Now, it’s time for Congress to make sure credit unions can continue to lend to their small business members. Help our local economy and help Hutchinson Credit Union.

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Kansas Senator Pat Roberts
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Kansas Senator Jerry Moran
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