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50+ Rewards Package Change

Our free 50+ rewards package for members age 50 and better is changing slightly due to changes within the check printing industry.

Beginning January 2013, members age 50+ may receive up to 2 free boxes of PLUS duplicate style checks per year, for a total of 240 checks. Previously it was 2 boxes and 300 free checks per year. The reason? Our check manufacturer has reduced the amount of checks in each box from 150 to 120. This change in quantity per box affects all check designs, not just our free PLUS design.

Due to the popularity of debit cards and electronic payments, people simply aren't writing as many checks. So, as a way to hold down ever increasing costs, it was decided to reduce the check quantity per box.

If you write quite a few checks, why not try alternative payment methods like our free HCU debit card and free HCU Bill Pay in online banking? Not only are they easy to use, but they're also quicker and more efficient than writing checks.

NOTE: Signature lines, image cuts, and other extra cost check options are available on PLUS style checks, but are billable to members. 50+ rewards are not applicable for business accounts.