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Updated: $100 bill gets a makeover

Update:  The new $100 bill is now available at HCU branches.

In October, a new $100 bill will appear at HCU ATMs and branches.100 noteHowever, the makeover goes beyond giving the $100 note a fresh look.  This makeover is more about making the most counterfeited note in the United States more secure.

Over a decade has gone into the research and development of security features meant to make the new $100 notes hard for counterfeiters to duplicate and, at the same time, easier for retailers to identify fakes.  These features include a blue, 3-D security ribbon embedded with images of bells that change to the number 100 when you tilt the note back and forth, a Liberty Bell embedded in an inkwell on the face of the note, color-shifting ink, raised printing, and more.

Last redesigned in 1996, the $100 notes retain the famous image of Benjamin Franklin staring back at you.  According to the Federal Reserve, you will not need to trade in your old $100 notes for the new ones.