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Real time balances, a wealth of information, and a wide variety of transactions make HCU Online Banking the first choice for many of our members.

Enrollment is handled through our website. Due to security concerns, enrollment is not automatic; every application goes through a verification process.

HCU's Online Banking is a very secure way to perform your transactions and view your accounts. Your account information is protected by the use of multiple security measures that work together to create a safe environment.

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Quick Registration
Quick Registration
163 sec.
Views: 207
New User Registration
New User Registration
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Views: 58
Transaction History
Transaction History
111 sec.
Views: 179
View and Search
View and Search
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Budgeting Part One
Budgeting Part One
179 sec.
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Budgeting Part Two
Budgeting Part Two
182 sec.
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HCU Online Banking Chat
HCU Online Banking Chat
97 sec.
Views: 36

Q. What are linked accounts?
A. Linked Accounts (alternate account access) allows you to view and access multiple accounts you are an owner of, on one screen. It's the most convenient way to manage your multiple HCU accounts. All requests for this service are manually verified for security purposes.

Q. How do I connect with Quicken
A. Quicken downloads are automatic through Express Web Connect, a Quicken technology. Simply enter your HCU credentials into Quicken. NOTE: Quicken download capability will transfer to New Online Banking from our Classic system on 10-15-2013. Old versions of Quicken may require manual downloads.

Q. How do I split transactions between categories in New Online Banking
A. A great new feature is the ability to budget and track your expenses. Currently, an expense can only be apportioned to a single category. For instance a Kwik-Shop convenience store purchase may be either gas or groceries, but not both, at this time.

Q. How do I make principal only payments on my loans?
A. HCU does not allow principal only payments on non-mortgage loans. Mortgage loans do allow principal only payments and there is an option to mark these as such when making a mortgage payment.

Q. Why can't I see my pending ACH deposits in New Online Banking?
A. This feature is not available at this time. We are working on an enhancement to show these pending transactions.

Q. If I have a joint account with someone else, do we both need to enroll or can we share an username and password?
A. You can both share the username and password.