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Target credit and debit card breach; what HCU cardholders need to know (Updated 12/31/13)

Target VISA credit and debit card breach; what HCU cardholders need to know

Target stores recently announced a breach of their data systems that has compromised as many 40 million credit and debit cards in the United States on transactions made in Target stores between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, 2013. Online Target purchases during this time were not affected. Information stolen includes member name, credit or debit card number, and the card’s expiration date and CVV (the three-digit security code on back of card). With this amount of stolen information, thieves can create counterfeit cards, making this a threat to be taken very seriously.

HCU is actively investigating and monitoring the situation to make sure our members are protected.

We have determined the HCU cards that have been compromised. We are in the process of reissuing new cards, with a new card number, via mail and will automatically close the compromised cards as of January 13, 2014.

Since HCU produces our own cards in-house, if any HCU cardholder feels they may have been part of this incident and would like a new card right away, all they need to do is contact us at 800.428.8472 or 620.669.0177 to get their current HCU card closed immediately and arrange to pick up a new one at any HCU branch. There will be no cost to our members for this service.

While all HCU members can be confident in knowing they have $0 fraud liability and are completely protected from fraudulent charges, we do recommend they log in to HCU online banking or mobile banking and check the status of their accounts frequently. If any fraudulent transactions are detected, we ask that they please contact us immediately, so we take further action.

**Phishing Scam Notice**
If you receive a call, text or email from someone who says they are with HCU or Target asking for your social security number, credit card number, and/or other personal information, do not provide this information. Your social security number was not compromised. Be wary of scams that may appear to offer protection, but are really trying to get personal information from you.