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“Card Cracking” Scam Targets Younger Members.

Cash-strapped students are falling victim to a scam known as “card cracking”.   In the scam, someone contacts a student in person, through the mail, or via social media to set up a deal.  

Typically, the deal is to let them use the students debit account to process a check, then give them half of the proceeds.  If the student agrees, they will see a large check deposited in their account and half of the money swiftly withdrawn. Of course, the check is counterfeit, the deposit evaporates and the student is left to cover any funds withdrawn from the account.

Students should be vigilant not to fall victim to this “easy money” scam.  If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Important things to remember about bank accounts and debit cards:
•    Never allow strangers to access your bank accounts for any reason.
•    Remember that debit cards and campus IDs that double as ATM cards – and the PINS that unlock them -- are top-secret private information.
•    Use hard-to-guess PINs on all accounts linked to financial information and do not autofill passwords on mobile devices or computers.
•    Report lost, stolen or compromised debit or campus ID cards to your financial institution immediately.