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Heartbleed Bug, HCU and You

A weakness has been found recently in the way that certain computer servers encrypt sensitive information. This weakness has been named the Heartbleed Bug. The media is intensely covering this subject, and you may have heard about it.

Once the vulnerability was known, Hutchinson Credit Union immediately initiated a review of all of our computer systems.

Our Online Banking and Mobile Banking servers were NOT affected by this bug. HCU Online Banking and Mobile Banking users do NOT need to worry about their information being stolen due to this bug.

We did find one HCU web page server that was affected and patched it.

At this time, the overall fallout from this bug is not known. There is a possibility that researchers found it before the bad guys did.

In any case, the current recommendation from security experts for end users is to change their passwords. We agree, simply because it’s always a good idea to change passwords regularly.

To summarize, the Heartbleed Bug is a large vulnerability in computer security around the world, found by researchers, which may or may not have been utilized by hackers. Hutchinson Credit Union Online Banking and Mobile Banking are, and have been, totally unaffected by this bug.