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What's in a name?

In 1948, a basic desire for fairness in financial services led to the creation of the Hutchinson Teachers Credit Union in Hutchinson, KS.

Name changes and mergers throughout the years brought us to our current name of Hutchinson Credit Union in 1987, a year in which Ronald Reagan was president and cell phones were the size and weight of a brick.

Over the years, Hutchinson Credit Union has grown to become a leading, full-service financial solutions provider with locations in Hutchinson, Haven, Newton, and Wichita. We have over 18,000 members, with 53% of our member households residing outside of Hutchinson.

Throughout this continued expansion we’ve kept the name Hutchinson Credit Union.

The time has come to consider a name change to something that better serves our entire membership, and reflects who we are as an organization in 2014 and beyond.

Now the question becomes what name? What name would convey the essence and character of the cooperative organization we’ve become? What name would our entire membership feel comfortable with and embrace?

HCU staff and the HCU board have been asking just these questions. We feel our name is important, and are diligently giving this process the careful attention it deserves. While respecting the past, we’re striving to align ourselves with the present, and position our credit union for the future.

And, we invite your ideas!

This is a cooperative organization, owned by all of our members. If you have input on a name you think would fit the character and spirit of what you perceive HCU to be to you, and to the communities we serve, will you please share it with us? Simply complete the form below or mail us at:

Hutchinson Credit Union
Attn: Marketing Dept.
P.O. Box 1645
Hutchinson, KS 67504

If you could share any suggestions you might have with us by 4-30-14, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for being a member of Hutchinson Credit Union.