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Express Business LOC

A line of credit always available to you when you need it.

  • Line-of-credit (fixed term available)
  • Convenient
  • Ready reserve of capitol for your operations

It's great for smoothing out the monthly spikes in operating cash flow or for a major capital expenditure.

This is an extremely flexible loan, available either secured or unsecured, and in revolving or non-revolving varieties. You can even use your business or personal real estate as collateral for a larger line.

Loan advances are as simple as writing a check or transferring funds online. For flexibility and fast access to funds, this one is hard to beat.

Repayment terms vary. If used as a signature revolving line of credit, your repayment terms will be based on a 36 month payback. If real estate is used, repayment terms of 10 years or longer are available.


  • Extremely flexible terms
  • Repayment terms start at 36 months
  • Advances can be made online, via check, or at any HCU teller
  • Secured or unsecured lines available
  • Can either be a revolving line of credit or a declining line of credit, depending upon your needs


  • A line of credit provides you with the flexibility you need
  • Low fees save you money
  • Advances can be made anytime, anywhere
  • Competitive rates won't drain your capital

An HCU line of credit can be an important part of your business finances. Talk with one of our business professionals to tailor a loan for your needs.