Sweep Accounts


This service allows you to set up automatic account sweeps so that your savings or checking account can maintain a minimum and/or a maximum balance.

Sweep account transfers are an optional feature for our business accounts. During an account sweep, our system transfers funds from one share to another share if certain conditions are met. Funds can automatically be swept into an account that is below a specified minimum, out of a share that is above a specified maximum, or both.

Sweep account transfers allows you to keep your account balances at the designated levels required for your business. You can also use them against lines of credit to act as overdraft protection for your Heartland Credit Union business checking account.


  • Automatically keep a range of balances in the accounts of your choice
  • Easy to initiate
  • Low Cost


  • Keeps your money in the highest yielding accounts
  • Can be used as a tool to prevent overdrafts
  • Works automatically every night, so you don't have to

Your success partly depends on how effectively you use your money. Sweep account transfers can become a important tool to better manage your funds. Talk with one of our business professionals to initiate a transfer strategy for your needs.