Recommend Heartland to a Friend


Recommend HCU to a friend and both you and they could receive $20 or more, depending upon the HCU services they use.

There are so many great reasons to open an account with HCU:

  • A complete line of value priced, integrated services
  • Our attitude of putting people first
  • Convenient locations, ATMs, and Remote Banking

You already enjoy these benefits, so why not share them with a friend? Simply print out this flyer, and give to a friend. If they bring it in and open a new checking account, both you and they will receive a $20 referral bonus. If your friend takes out a loan, opens a certificate, or gets a credit card, both you and they will receive a $20 referral bonus, in addition to our checking referral bonus (if applicable).

Click here for a printable flyer/coupon and full detailspdf