HCU introduces Deposit Automation ATMs

In keeping with the tradition of providing our members with the latest in banking solutions, Heartland Credit Union is pleased to introduce our first Deposit Automation ATM inside our 23rd and Severance branch. The new ATM will provide faster and more convenient deposit services for our members.

With the new ATM, members will now be able to deposit checks or cash without the use of a deposit envelope.  Members simply endorse the checks, swipe their HCU debit card, follow the on-screen prompts and deposit their checks or cash. There's no sorting, no deposit slips, and the ATM will even total the checks or cash you deposit. 

The ATM will accept up to 30 checks or 50 bills at once.  However, checks and cash must be deposited with separate transactions.  For easy record keeping, images of your checks can be printed out on the receipt.

HCU will be adding more Deposit Automation ATMs with the opening of the 29th and Main branch this spring. It's just one more way Heartland Credit Union is making banking easier and more convenient for our members.