Rex Christner Appointed to HCU Board of Directors

Rex-ChristnerHeartland Credit Union's Board of Directors has appointed Rex Christner to the vacant seat on HCU's Board, which is made up of volunteers from the HCU membership.

For the past two years, Christner has been an HCU volunteer, serving on the Credit Committee.  Prior to that, he was a volunteer board member for Hutchinson News Credit Union, which merged with HCU in 2013.

Christner is currently the human resources director of Harris Business Services.

"Rex has integrity, intelligence and easily relates to HCU members," said Garth Strand, HCU President.  "I'm confident he'll continue to excel as an HCU volunteer.  Volunteer positions are crucial for us as they complement the not-for-profit, cooperative structure--all of which make up the key differences between credit unions and other financial institutions."

Christner’s appointment is effective immediately.