Developed in May of 1998, the Hutch-Card VISA program is a result of a project between Heartland Credit Union and the City of Hutchinson to provide citizens with a VISA credit card that contributes to the improvement of Hutchinson. When a cardholder uses their Hutch-Card VISA or Hutch-Card Business VISA, a portion of every dollar they spend is returned for improvements to area parks and/or the Hutchinson Zoo.

Currently, we have over 960 people and businesses using the Hutch-Card VISA and Hutch-Card Business VISA. As of 9-30-16, the program has generated over $424,000 for Hutchinson area parks and the Hutchinson Zoo.

The very first Hutch-Card project, completed back in 1998, was statuary of prairie dogs at the Hutchinson Zoo.  In 2002, Hutch-Card revenues helped to complete a large sand play area at Salt City Splash with a final price tag of $44,000.  In 2004, the Hutch-Card helped make the Carey Park Skate Park a reality. In 2007, The Hutch-Card helped establish the Dino Dig at The Hutchinson Zoo and a playground at Fun Valley Sports Complex.  The latest project, completed in November of 2015, was a playground at Carey Park. 

The Hutch-Card program is producing an average of $25,500 per year in funds for these projects; funds that didn't have to be raised by tax dollars. Funds that help make Hutchinson a better place to live.

If you already have a Hutch-Card, thank you for participating. If you don't, contact us and we'll get you one right away. Together, we can make a difference. It's the Heartland Way!