Improved fraud alert system for HCU cardholders

Heartland Credit Union constantly strives to improve the security of member’s information and is excited to announce improvements to the alert system for potential fraud.  

Here’s what happens when potential fraud is detected on your debit or credit card:

1.   Email: First, you receive an email prompting you to respond.*
2.   Text message: If you don’t respond to the email, you receive a text message prompting a response.*
3.   Phone call: If the email and text message receive no response, you receive a phone call prompting a response.
4.   Card frozen: If all contact attempts are unsuccessful, your card is frozen until you speak to us.

* You may receive emails and text messages 24/7.  The emails and text messages will indicate they are sent by “HrtlandCU”.

Please log in to your HCU Online Banking and update or verify your mobile phone number and email address and remember, we’ll never ask for your account number or PIN.

Insider tip: Add the phone number 800-417-4592 and name it “Fraud Center” in case we need to call you.