One-time PIN requirements in HCU online banking

In an effort to reduce fraud, we have added a one time passcode/PIN requirement for specific transactions within HCU online banking.

A passcode will be required for any of the following actions in online banking:

      • Setting up new external transfer accounts
      • Check Request (withdrawal)
      • Editing profile – contact info, security questions
      • Accessing Bill Pay

When attempting to do one of the above mentioned items, you will be asked to complete the following security steps:

Step 1: Select from the contact information you have listed for your account (text, phone call or email).

id verification 2id verification 3

Step 2: Example of passcode email.


Step 3: Once you  have received your 6 digit passcode, you will need to enter it in OLB to continue.

id verification 4

Please note that the one-time security passcode is only valid for 10 minutes. A new passcode will be generated everytime a transaction on the above list is attempted.

This new increased security change will go into effect Tuesday, June 14 for new HCU Online banking enrollments. A phased rollout to all HCU Online banking users will continue over the next few months.