Hutch Card program to end

Heartland Credit Union launched the Hutch Card Visa® as a partnership with the City of Hutchinson in 1998. The Hutch Card was the first of its kind when it was created, with a portion of every purchase made with the card funding projects for Hutchinson Parks and the Hutchinson Zoo.

The Hutch Card became a favorite of many HCU members and was the primary corporate credit card for the City of Hutchinson. Through usage of the Hutch Card, HCU and its members have given back over $424,000 to Hutchinson Parks and the Hutchinson Zoo in the past 18 years.

The City of Hutchinson recently notified HCU that they have chosen a different corporate credit card provider and will be ending their relationship with the Hutch Card. By discontinuing the Hutch Card, HCU is afforded the flexibility to explore other partnerships for charitable giving.

As of Tuesday, December 20, 2016, new Hutch Cards will not be issued; however, members with a Hutch Card can continue use, with funds still contributed to Hutchinson Parks and the Hutchinson Zoo. The program will remain active until spring of 2018. Current members with a Hutch Card will be contacted in regards to HCU’s other credit card options, featuring local service at your nearest branch or via the Phone Center.

We still believe it’s important to contribute to our communities and provide an avenue for our members to contribute, too. We are currently developing charitable partnerships for our Diamond Awards Visa credit card so our members may make contributions by making purchases. One of these options will be Friends of the Hutchinson Zoo, which has been a key partner in the Hutch Card program.

We look forward to developing charitable partnerships in our communities that will allow us and our members to contribute more than ever before. We appreciate your patience and understanding.