Traveling with an HCU VISA card?

Are you taking a vacation soon? Whether traveling in the USA or going out of the country please be sure to notify Heartland Credit Union's VISA Card Department of your plans and ensure we have your cell phone numbers.

Three important reasons why:

FRAUD MONITORING - HCU has fraud monitoring in place on both VISA Credit and Debit cards. This is a free service to you as an HCU cardholder. Card Services Fraud Monitoring will detect any unusual activity and then will try to contact you. Transactions taking place out of your normal area could prompt a phone call. Thus the need for updated phone and cell phone numbers.

BLOCKED COUNTRIES - There are several countries that are currently blocked; your card will not work in those countries unless prior arrangements have been made. The blocked countries list can change frequently, so please call us for an updated list.  Countries are blocked in order to protect your HCU account from fraud.

If you are traveling to a blocked country, you can have the country temporarily unblocked by calling our card services and providing the following:

  1. Travel Dates
  2. Locations
  3. Any additional contact information that we may use. (ex. Cell phone number or email address)

RESTRICTED STATES - From time to time, certain states have restrictions on card use due to higher levels of fraud in their area.  If traveling out of state, you may contact our card center for a current list of states and their restrictions.

Keep in mind:

  • Card Services Fraud Monitoring already knows your card information.
  • Card Services Fraud Monitoring will never try to sell you anything.
  • Card Services Fraud Monitoring representatives can only handle flagged transactions; but they can block your card at your request.
  • Card Services Fraud Monitoring cannot assist with card limits or other situations; you will need to contact HCU directly.

There are also other ways to help HCU better protect you and your credit:

  • Ensure that your correct phone number is on your HCU member account.
  • Provide cell phone numbers to HCU as backup numbers.
  • Notify HCU when traveling in USA or internationally.
  • Notify HCU prior to out-of-the-ordinary purchase; like LARGE purchases from an online business.
  • Never give a caller your full card number and information if you are unsure of their connection to Heartland Credit Union.


Whether you're looking for great rewards, to support a worthy cause, or simply to get the lowest rate possible, HCU offers a card that's sure to meet your needs. HCU VISA credit cards are completely integrated with all your other HCU accounts and backed with top quality service by local experts who care. Step up to an HCU VISA credit card and experience the difference.

Orange-DotDiamond Awards   Orange-DotPlatinum Cash Back   Orange-DotExpress   Orange-DotHutch-Card   Orange-DotBlue Dragon Platinum

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  DiamondCard PlatinumCard ExpressCard Hutch-Card Blue-Dragon
  Competitive rates. Points based for travel, gift certificates, or cash back. 1/2% back monthly on purchases, and a super low rate Lowest possible around, no rewards, no grace period Financially supports Hutchinson area Parks and The Zoo Financially supports Hutchinson Community College athletics 
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Cash back monthly  N/a  .5%  N/a  .25%  .5%
1%, with 2% gas/
groceries, & travel redemption bonus
 Yes!  N/a  N/a  N/a  N/a
APR -purchases
Tier 1
 11.9%  7.9%  5.9%  12.9%  12.9%
APR -cash
advance Tier 1
 13.9%  9.9%  5.9%  14.9%  14.9%
Cash advance
 3%, min. $2  3%, min. $2  No!  3%, min. $2  3%, min. $2
Card Images
 14+  14+  14+  1  1
grace period
 Yes!  Yes!  No!  Yes!  Yes!
Special Offers Bonus 1,000 points/ mo. the first 3 mos. when you spend $1,000/mo.  N/a N/a N/a N/a
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ALL HCU VISA consumer credit cards feature:
  • Great LOCAL service
  • Cards instantly issued at any HCU branch
  • No annual fees and no setup fees
  • $0 fraud liability
  • Free $250,000 travel insurance
  • Free rental car insurance
  • Accepted worldwide
  • 10-day late payment grace period
  • Tiered rates based on credit worthiness