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Heartbleed Bug, HCU and You


“Card Cracking” Scam Targets Younger Members.

Cash-strapped students are falling victim to a scam known as “card cracking”.


Target credit and debit card breach; what HCU cardholders need to know (Updated 12/31/13)


Phishing Scam Refers to Blocked Card.

Hutchinson Credit Union has received notification that HCU members are receiving phone calls with an automated voice message telling them that their MasterCard has been locked.


UPDATED: Gateway foreign ATM surcharge rebate delayed

UPDATE 3/1/13:  All Gateway foreign ATM surcharge rebates have been posted to the Gateway members that qualified. The postings will not show up on February statements but will be included on March statements. Thank you for your patience. We apolgize for any inconvenience.

Phishing Scam Alert


Fraudulent HCU Debit Card transactions in Maryland

Due to fraudulent HCU debit card transactions originating in Maryland, HCU is temporarily requiring that all in-person transactions originating in the state of Maryland require the use of a PIN. If you have in-person purchases to make in Maryland with your HCU debit card, and you don't have a PIN, please contact our Card Processing department at 800 428-8472 x406 or 620 669-0177 x406.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, and are working diligently to correct this situation.