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The S.2231 vote is near: We need your help!

Credit unions have been making member business loans since their inception in the early 1900s. For many years, Hutchinson Credit Union has been making responsible loans to local businesses. In 1998, Congress placed an arbitrary lending cap on credit union business lending of 12.25% of assets as part of a political compromise demanded by the banking industry. In the first 90 years of existence, there was no such cap.

We've been held back by this cap ever since, having to limit our local business lending and investment in the Central Kansas area.


Important Local Fraud Alert

Members are reporting that they are receiving a fraudulent text message that goes something like “This is a credit union center notice. Your card has been de-activated. Please contact us at 620-314-xxxx”. We at HCU have tried calling the number. The voice states it is a credit union activation service, asks for your credit card number, captures it, and then hangs up. By the length of time it takes to connect, our guess is that it is forwarding to an out of state or out of country destination.


Technical Difficulties

Update: **All systems are back up and running as usual now.**  We are currently experiencing technical difficulties that will effect Debit card transactions.


Update on Senate Bill S.2231

Feedback on our Senate Bill S.2231 petition efforts


2011 Tax Statement Error

It has come to our attention that some of our members received tax statements from Reno County, even though we are escrowing their taxes for them.


HCU needs your help with pending senate legislation

Why let the government limit who you do business with?
Credit unions are sitting on billions of dollars we could be responsibly lending to small businesses, if only Congress would repeal the arbitrary regulation that stops us from doing it.

We have a chance to change the status quo with U.S. Senate Bill S.2231, the Credit Union Small Business Jobs Bill.


Phishing fraud up 600% in 2009

We at Hutchinson Credit Union have noticed an uptick in fraudulent phishing emails, some of them directly targeted at our members. So, it's a new year and we thought it timely to bring you the following message. And remember, if you are ever in doubt, please contact us first. We've helped our members avoid many bad situations and have experts in the area of fraud who would love to help.