Disability Insurance


Make sure your future is protected.

Disability insurance from HCU Investment and Insurance Services can protect a portion of your income and help maintain your current lifestyle.  Unlike employer plans, you own this policy and take it with you throughout your career.

Why choose HCU I&I for your disability insurance?

Gaylon Miller, Insurance Specialist with 37+ years in the industry, is based in Hutchinson and will travel to any branch to visit with you.  Couple that with extremely competitive rates and it’s a winning combination for you.

Is disability insurance important?

Disability insurance provides a crucial safety net, providing income so you aren’t forced to use savings or retirement funds while you are unable to work.

How does disability insurance work?

If you become ill or injured and you’re unable to work for an extended period of time then your disability coverage kicks in and you receive a portion of your income.

Let’s chat.

Call Gaylon at 800.428.8472 ext. 124 to start your conversation.

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