Life Insurance


Protect income and your future.

Investing in life insurance provides a safety net for your loved ones at a potentially stressful and difficult time, providing peace of mind to you and your family.

Why choose HCU I&I for your life insurance?
Gaylon Miller, Insurance Specialist with 37+ years in the industry, is based in Hutchinson and will travel to any branch to visit with you.  Couple that with extremely competitive rates and it’s a winning combination for you.

Is life insurance important?

Very, and it’s important to select the proper coverage for your situation.  HCU Investment and Insurance Services provides options so you can cover final expenses, replace income, cover debt, pay off your mortgage and more.

How does life insurance work?

Should your unfortunate passing occur, your life insurance coverage will support your loved ones as you have mapped out with Gaylon.

Let’s chat.

Call Gaylon at 800.428.8472 ext. 124 to start your conversation.

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