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Heartland Payment Systems VISA Data Breach

VISA has recently informed us that some HCU VISA Credit and debit card information may be at risk, due to a breach at a third-party processor.

From May 2008 through November 2008, a third-party card payment processor's system was breached and malicious software was found that was capable of capturing card data. While the investigation is in the early stages, the third-party processor is actively working with federal law enforcement and VISA. You can read more about this at

In order to minimize any potential fraud we are being proactive and are issuing new HCU VISA Credit and Debit cards to HCU accounts that may have been affected, at no charge to our members. Our recently installed instant card production equipment allows us to produce HCU VISA cards more rapidly than ever before. Affected members will soon be receiving their New HCU VISA credit and debit cards.

VISA continues to be a safe and convenient payment system. It's important for members to know that in addition to VISA's Zero Liability Policy for fraud, HCU also has a proactive fraud monitoring system and a 24-hour 800 number for fraud reporting. You can also block your lost or stolen HCU VISA cards 24x7 via our online banking system. As always, if you detect any suspicious activity on your account, please notify us immediately.