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Scottie Savers Club

 A fun account for those age 12 and under

The Scottie Savers Club is for children age 12 & younger. To encourage savings and money management at an early age, the Scottie Savers Club utilizes incentives based on savings plateaus achieved by your child. Once your child has participated in the Scottie Savers Club you should be able to see the "savings habit" begin to develop.

    • Dividends paid at a $25.00 minimum balance
    • Quarterly newsletter just for kids
    • Annual Birthday card
    • Certificates are available with a $100.00 minimum balance
    • Fun & unique incentives for saving
Savings Plateau Levels $25 $50 $75 $125 $200 $350 $500 $750 $1000
Scottie Bucks Awarded 2 5 8 13 20 35 50 75 100


Click here for Scottie Savers Rewards Listing

Have your child bring their passbook with them each time they make a deposit to their Scottie Savers Club account so they can update it and start a habit of good record keeping. In addition we also try to give Scottie Savers a sticker or other small reward whenever they make a deposit.

When your child achieves one of the plateaus listed on the Scottie Savers Rewards sheet, they will receive the predetermined number of Scottie Bucks. These can be redeemed at any time. Scottie Savers may wish instant gratification, or they may choose to save their Scottie Bucks for larger rewards. In all cases, your child will be responsible for keeping track of their Scottie Bucks (another responsibility being learned).

Savings plateau levels are cumulative. For example, if a deposit was made that brought a Scottie account balance from $25.00 to $500.00, the child would be given the Scottie Bucks for the $50, $75, $125, $200, $350 and $500 levels for a total of 131 Scottie Bucks. If you open your account with a $25.00 deposit, you will receive (2) Scottie Bucks. With an additional $25.00 deposit at a later date, your savings balance would reach the $50.00 Savings Plateau and you would be awarded an additional (5) Scottie Bucks. When the Scottie Savers account reaches $1000.00 or more, the account holder will not be eligible to receive additional Scottie Bucks. There is a maximum of 308 Scottie Bucks awarded to an individual.

Because incentives are based on plateaus, or levels of savings achieved, it is important to use the Scottie Savers Club account for savings only. If your child plans to make withdrawals from their account, we suggest a Regular Share Savings account so your child can take advantage of the Scottie rewards. Likewise, educational funds may be invested in Certificates to receive higher dividends. We also recommend that if you want to regularly contribute to a child's account through payroll deduction or automatic transfer that you use an account other than the Scottie Account.

Guiding Your Children Toward Financial Independence

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