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HCU Connect ATM Safety Tips

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ATM Safety Tips

We care about the safety of our members.  When accessing an ATM, please follow these simple safety tips:

  • Commit your PIN to memory. Do not write it on your card or keep it anywhere near your card. Do not share it with anyone
  • Do not give your PIN to anyone by telephone, even if the caller says he's from the credit union
  • Be aware of your surroundings and choose machines that are in well-lit open spaces
  • If anything about the machine or surroundings makes you uncomfortable, leave and find another machine
  • Have your card out or in your pocket when you approach the machine so you are ready to make a transaction
  • Stand directly in front of the machine and protect your card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) as you are entering it and be wary of individuals who may be watching as you make your transaction
  • Don’t accept “help” from people around the machine
  • Take your receipts and transaction records with you (keep them in a safe place or shred them)
  • Wait until you leave the ATM area to count your money
  • If you are approached or followed when leaving the ATM, immediately seek out a well populated area or call the police
  • If a machine retains your card, contact the financial institution/operator immediately
  • Report a lost or stolen card to us at once