Change is Good

Saving money isn’t always easy.  Change Is Good, the debit card round up program from Heartland Credit Union, makes it automatic.  We’ll roundup each purchase you make with your HCU debit card and deposit the extra in the savings account of your choice.  Change Is Good lets you save for the future, without even thinking about it.

Sign up for Change Is Good when you open your HCU checking account or anytime inside HCU Digital Banking.  It takes just a couple minutes and you’ll be on your way to saving.
It’s your money and you should be able to put it where you want.  Deposit it in your HCU Money Market or even deposit funds into a savings account for your children or grandchildren.

Change is Good Features

  • Works with any HCU checking account and savings account
  • Rounding up will never overdraw your account
  • Direct your “change” to the HCU savings account of your choice
  • Easy to sign up inside HCU Digital Banking