Routing and MICR Numbers

Almost everyone transfers money electronically these days.  Whether you’re paying bills, doing a one-time or recurring ACH transfer, or even performing a Person-to-Person payment, there’s a couple items you need to get the job done. Your routing number and MICR number are essential to performing electronic payments and we want to make sure you can easily locate them on your checks or through HCU Digital Banking.  We’ve created the quick guide below to help.

HCU Routing Number: 301178372

Your MICR Number is a 13-digit number that includes the share ID and your account number. It is unique to each member, share, and loan. You should provide the full MICR number when transferring money electronically. 

Savings MICR example:  101000034XXXX

Checking MICR example:  1750034XXXXXX

You can also find your MICR number inside HCU Digital Banking on your computer or mobile device.