Save Steps with Tap to Pay

Fast, easy, secure tap to pay makes you lighter on your feet.

Using your HCU debit or credit card is easier, faster, and more secure with tap to pay. No need to swipe or insert your card at the register—simply tap or touch your card near the symbol to start your transaction. Advanced technology makes contactless payments possible, but it feels like a magic trick that makes your life easier. It’s the Heartland Way.


With tap to pay, your payment is processed in seconds! Simply tap your card on the contactless reader, and you're done.


Contactless payments enhance security and shield your personal card information from anyone attempting to steal your information.


All new HCU debit and credit cards feature the payWave symbol and can be used at participating merchants. Just look for the contactless symbol at checkout.
Open an account today and get your new card with tap to pay.

Tap to Pay Features

  • Faster and more convenient than traditional payment options
  • Advanced security features to protect your card information
  • Touch-free transactions
  • Compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay
  • Widely accepted by merchants worldwide
  • Available on all HCU debit and credit cards

Don't miss out on the benefits of contactless payments – join the future of banking today! Open your HCU Rewards Checking account or apply for an HCU Credit Card now and start tapping into a world of convenience.

How to Tap to Pay


Look for the contactless symbol at checkout.


When prompted, bring your card within a few inches of the contactless symbol on the card reader.


Once your payment is confirmed, you're good to go!

Tap to Pay FAQ

When you make a contactless payment, a unique one-time code made up of numbers and letters is used instead of your actual card information. The card reader communicates with your card’s chip, and after the code is checked and confirmed, your payment is completed. While this technology sounds complex, it doesn’t mean it’s slower than other payment options. Tap to pay purchases are among the fastest forms of payment available!