Why AutoBooks is Ideal for Your Small Business or Organization

Recently, Heartland’s VP of Business Relationships Sara Bass helped a nonprofit address fundraising inefficiencies with AutoBooks, a tool designed to help businesses send customized invoices, accept payments—including via Tap to Pay and mobile wallet—streamline customer communication, and generate insightful reporting.

Nonprofits, as you know, provide invaluable services to our communities, and every dollar counts. Traditionally, many nonprofits collect donations through cash or checks, but this method has hidden costs, such as time spent on tracking, accounting, and the risk of theft.

Our nonprofit business member had switched to an online donation platform, but a significant portion of each donation was lost to processing fees, and the platform was restrictive, allowing donations only through their website.

By switching to AutoBooks, the nonprofit gained flexible payment options and saved a substantial amount on processing fees. AutoBooks also provides the option for donors to cover these fees. This way, more funds stay within the organization and support the community. Additionally, AutoBooks supports recurring donations, making it convenient for supporters to contribute regularly.

In essence, AutoBooks simplifies the donation process, reduces costs, and ensures that more funds go back to the cause. If you’d like to learn more about how AutoBooks can benefit your organization, feel free to give Sara a call at 800-428-8472.

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