This summer, keep an eye out for card skimmers

Published May 18, 2017

As the temperatures heat up and travel increases, you may be using ATMs, gas stations, car washes, and other card terminals that you’re not familiar with. Card skimming – a method of debit and credit card fraud – occurs when a skimmer is placed over an existing card reader. Skimmers can be almost undetectable, but here are a few tips to avoid fraud:

  • Wiggle it! Skimmers are often attached with tape and a few firm shakes may help you detect a card skimmer.
  • Avoid ATMs in low traffic and low light areas. Try to use ATMs at credit unions or banks.
  • Check your accounts with online and mobile banking on a regular basis.

If you suspect a card skimmer may be in place, call local law enforcement. If you believe your account may have been compromised, call us immediately at 800.428.8472. Travel safe and travel smart this summer.

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