PIN change system updated

Published July 26, 2017

Heartland Credit Union has updated our system that allows members the option to change a personal identification number (PIN) via phone.  Any PIN changes will now be made in real time, without delay.  The system allows members that have forgotten their PIN or don't like their PIN to change it over the phone, rather than the traditional ways of receiving a new PIN in the mail or visiting a branch.

An audio response unit will guide members through the easy process.  Members should have their cards in hand and be prepared to answer a few security questions.

To change your PIN, call 800.428.8472 and select option #5 and follow the prompts.  The new PIN will take effect immediately.

Tips on selecting a new pin:

  • You can't select a PIN of the same four digits (2222, 5555, etc.) or consecutive digits (1234, 6789, etc.)
  • Avoid using a PIN that may be obvious, e.g. birthday, birth year, last four of your social of phone number
  • Select a number that is easy for you to remember but will be difficult for others
  • Don't write your PIN on anything that you might carry around with your card