Card Skimmers Discovered in Wichita

Published November 9, 2017

A Bluetooth card skimmer was recently discovered on a gas pump in south Wichita. With HCU members living in Wichita and traveling to Wichita, it's important to stay aware of surroundings as we approach the busy holiday season. Upcoming holiday travel and visits to the ATM are set to increase, so be sure to keep an eye out for card skimmers on ATMs and on gas pumps.

Card skimmers are used to steal debit and credit card information, and skimming technology is becoming more sophisticated. To stay vigilant, here are nine tips:

  1. Wiggle it! Skimmers are often attached with tape and a few firm shakes may help you detect a card skimmer.
  2. Avoid ATMs in low traffic and low light areas. Try to use ATMs at credit unions or banks.
  3. Many retailers allow you to get cash back on debit card purchases, take advantage of this instead of visiting an ATM.
  4. Check your accounts with online and mobile banking on a regular basis.
  5. Gas pumps have security seals and if the pump has been tampered with, the word "void" will appear.
  6. Always cover your hand when inputting your PIN.
  7. If purchasing gas, pay inside if possible.
  8. Use prepaid Visa cards for purchases, available at HCU and many retailers.
  9. Check your phone. Apps may be available to detect Bluetooth card skimmers, or you can check your phone's settings for Bluetooth devices around you.

Click here to see a few skimmers that have been discovered.

If you suspect a card skimmer may be in place, call local law enforcement. If you believe your account may have been compromised, call us immediately at 800.428.8472. Travel safely and be observant when making purchases this holiday season.