HCU Eliminates Foreign Transaction Fee

Published January 9, 2018

Heartland Credit Union members can now purchase with confidence with the elimination of the Foreign Transaction Fee. Travel abroad and use your HCU debit or credit card without worrying about a Foreign Transaction Fee when you make purchases. Plus, the Foreign Transaction Fee is eliminated from online purchases that use foreign banks to process transactions.

The Foreign Transaction Fee was 2% of the total purchase. Foreign Transaction Fees, typically charged to offset costs that card providers face when converting foreign currency to U.S. dollars, may have occurred when making a purchase on international soil, or when making a purchase online that uses a foreign bank to process the transaction.

This change affects all HCU debit card and credit card purchases and allows members with HCU debit cards and credit cards to purchase with confidence without Foreign Transaction Fees.

If you are traveling, it is important to call us at 800.428.8472 and let us know when and where you plan to travel. This allows us to know that any transactions in that area and timeframe are not fraudulent, which means you won't be stuck without a debit or credit card as you travel.

If you would like to learn more about our credit cards with no Foreign Transaction Fee, you can compare them here.