Beware of phishing scam

Published August 8, 2018

We were recently made aware of a new phishing scam, which some HCU members have received via text message. The message features the words "Mobile Banking Security," "Account Suspended" and a link for the recipient to click. Members should NOT click this link, if they receive the text message.

HCU does utilize a text service to notify members of suspected fraud and transaction alerts. These texts contain the name HrtlndCU Fraud Center but will never include a link. Also, HCU will never ask members to enter any personal information for verification.

If you receive a text that features a link and is NOT from HrtlndCU Fraud Center, DO NOT click the link. Simple delete the text. As a precaution, it is always smart to keep an eye on your account by checking it inside HCU Online Banking. If you do notice any irregularities or suspicious transactions, contact HCU right away at 800.428.8472.

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