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Credit unions are unique, not-for-profit, cooperative financial institutions owned by their members and guided by volunteers.

Board of Directors... Accountable for the actions of the credit union. Insure the long-term security and viability of the credit union by overseeing its strategies and operations. Make decisions in the best interest of the credit union and the entire membership.

Rex Christner
(Board of Directors)

Roy Broxterman
Roy Broxterman
Vice Chairman
(Board of Directors)

Kendal Pulliam
Secretary Treasurer
(Board of Directors)

Richard Carlisle
Richard Carlisle


John McCannon
Caroline Phelps
Mark Woleslagel

Credit committee... Represent the membership by maintaining a safe, sound, fair and responsive credit system.

Jim Ewert
(Credit Committee)

Leila Emack


Brock Wells
Brock Wells


Dan Busenbark
Dan Busenbark


Jan Steen


Supervisory committee... Insures the effectiveness of internal checks and balances, adherence to established policies and procedures and the overall safety and soundness of credit union operations.

Lori Blakesley
(Supervisory Committee)

Randall Gray


Libby Beck


Mike Juby


Ed Howard


Volunteers are elected by the membership to serve as stewards, who wisely and unselfishly make policy decisions. Because of the not-for-profit orientation, the focus is on people and not just profit.

Active, enthusiastic volunteers are needed to maintain a healthy, progressive credit union. Volunteers serve without monetary compensation. Intangible benefits include:

  • personal satisfaction realized by serving fellow members
  • playing an important role in maintaining vital competition in the financial services marketplace
  • nurturing the credit union philosophy of "people helping people"
  • gaining new skills through continuing education & experience

To be a credit union volunteer requires integrity, a commitment of time, a willingness to learn, the discipline to carry out the specific duties and a desire to serve. Some basic expectations of a credit union volunteer are:

  • a belief in the credit union philosophy
  • a willingness to attend meetings and participate
  • an understanding of and/or willingness to learn about basic business concepts
  • the desire to be a team player
  • to at all times, act in the best interest of the members and the credit union

Volunteer Opportunities
If you or someone you know is interested in serving as a credit union volunteer, please apply using the application tab above. We'll contact you to further discuss the current opportunities available.

HCU Volunteer Application

My digital signature below represents my consent for the Credit Union to obtain background information concerning my credit history, public/criminal records and bonding eligibility. Such information is to be used solely in determining my eligibility to serve. My digital signature below also represents my consent to be nominated and willingness to serve. If elected, I do promise to faithfully execute the duties and responsibilities of the position. I have conducted, and pledge to continue to conduct my personal and financial affairs so as to not cast a negative image on Heartland Credit Union.