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At the heart of our communities are local businesses, owned and operated by the people that live there. These local businesses create jobs, keep money local, inspire innovation, generate excitement, fuel optimism and provide unique experiences for their customers.

The same businesses give our communities wings and genuinely care about the future of their community, just like we do. At Heartland Credit Union, we understand the importance of local businesses and their overall impact on our towns and cities. We know that when we team up with local businesses, we share a common goal – make our communities thrive by empowering local businesses to provide and serve the people that live there.bowen pullquote

We fuel businesses with our expertise and develop solutions unique to their situation.  When local businesses partner with us, they’re tapping into resources that just might help them take their business to the next level.

So, when Kevin Bowen, owner of Premier Oil & Exploration and Airport Steakhouse, says, “HCU believed in my business idea when nobody else would,” he’s speaking the truth. We look past the numbers and see the impact of our local businesses.

It’s the Heartland Way.