Agricultural Equipment


Primarily intended to finance equipment, production supplies, or land for agricultural purposes.

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Traditionally, collateral for agricultural loans has included unimproved ground, production machinery, livestock, and stored crops. However, there are many ways to provide financing for agricultural purposes. Home equity line of credit loans, Express Business loans, and borrowing against your vehicles can be utilized too. We are willing to look at your individual needs and creatively work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Down payments, security interests and loan amounts are usually linked in some way to the item financed. Before deciding to finance equipment, it's advised that you should be sure you can make full use of ownership-related benefits, such as depreciation, and should compare the cost with that of leasing.

All types of production equipment
New and used financing
7 year maximum amortization term
36 month balloon demand note

7 year maximum amortization term
36 month balloon demand note

Real Estate
20 year maximum amortization term.
Up to 80% of the lessor of appraised value or purchase price
1% percent origination fee (minimum $150)
36 month balloon demand note
Available repayment terms from monthly to annually

Fixed-term loans provide funds necessary for you to purchase or refinance business assets. Available in either secured or unsecured forms, with flexible terms and competitive rates (both fixed and variable).

Term loans can be classified into two broad categories
Intermediate-term loans: Usually running three years or less, these loans are generally repaid in monthly installments, but other payment frequencies are available. Repayment is often tied to the useful life of the asset being financed, although signature loans are also popular in this category. Examples of items financed include:

  • Minor production equipment
  • Cash for operations
  • Computer and data equipment

Longer-term loans: Are commonly set for more than three years repayment. Most are between three and 10 years. These loans are collateralized by a business's assets and typically require quarterly or monthly payments. They may be fixed rate, but more commonly are balloon or variable rate loans. Examples of items financed include:

  • Major production equipment
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Purchases of existing businesses