Heartland Credit Union Visa Credit Cards

Heartland Credit Union Visa® credit cards were created with our members in mind

We offer the best credit cards around. Period. Want low rates? Try the Express Visa. Rewards for every purchase? The Diamond Awards Visa is up your alley. How about cash back? The Platinum Cash Back Visa gives you that, and then some.

Great rates, better service

The best thing about our Visa credit cards? They're backed by local service. We operate our own Visa program. This means that you can walk into any branch or call the Phone Center in Hutchinson and receive impeccable service because we believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice service to have a credit card.

Find your next card

Compare the HCU Visa credit cards below and find the one that fits you. Then click the "Apply Now" button under your card to get started.

Orange-DotDiamond Awards   Orange-DotPlatinum Cash Back   Orange-DotExpress     Orange-DotBlue Dragon Platinum

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 Diamond Awards VISA  Platinum Cash Back VISA  Express VISA  Blue Dragon Platinum VISA
  Diamond Awards Visa Credit Card Platinum Visa Credit Card HCU Express Visa Credit Card HCU Blue-Dragon Visa Credit Card supports HCC
  Competitive rates. Points based for travel, gift certificates, or cash back. 1/2% back monthly on purchases, and a super low rate Lowest possible rate around, no rewards, no grace period Financially supports Hutchinson Community College athletics 
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Cash back monthly  N/a  .5%  N/a  .5%
Awards points for every purchase. Points are doubled for all gas and grocery purchases (up to $500 per month)  Yes!  N/a  N/a  N/a
APR -purchases
Tier 1
 11.9%  7.9%  5.9%  12.9%
APR -cash
advance Tier 1
 13.9%  9.9%  5.9%  14.9%
Cash advance
 3%, min. $2  3%, min. $2  No!  3%, min. $2
Card Images
 12+  12+  12+  1
grace period
 Yes!  Yes!  No!  Yes!
Special Offers Bonus 1,000 points/ mo. the first 3 mos. when you spend $1,000/mo.  N/a N/a N/a
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ALL HCU VISA credit cards feature:
  • Great LOCAL service
  • Cards instantly issued at any HCU branch
  • No annual fees and no setup fees
  • $0 fraud liability
  • Free $250,000 travel insurance
  • Free rental car insurance
  • Accepted worldwide
  • 10-day late payment grace period
  • Tiered rates based on credit worthiness
 Apply today for the HCU Visa Credit Card that's perfect for you!