Local People

Building relationships with our members is part of our mission at Heartland Credit Union.  For the Kitsons of Metropolitan Coffee in Hutchinson it's an important part of why they do business with HCU.   

"It's really nice when we go in for deposits and we see people we know," says Miriam Kitson. "They ask us how we're doing and make sure everything is going alright.  It feels like a It feels like a personal relationshippersonal relationship."

Having been in Hutchinson for 70 years, we understand our members want a relationship with local people who will take the time to get to know them. It's how we know we are providing the right solutions to help our members reach their dreams.

This relationship goes beyond their business, to helping them personally.  "There's always someone who can work with you," says Zac Kitson.  "When we needed a car loan, we knew just who to talk to. They treat you like an individual, not just the next person in line."

Building relationships with our members so we can fill all their needs, that's what HCU has been doing in Hutchinson since 1948. It's the Heartland way.

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