HCU Freeze!

How it Works

Ever misplaced your HCU debit or credit card?  Freeze! it 'til you find it.

Freeze! allows you to immediately freeze and unfreeze your HCU debit or credit card via HCU Online Banking and the HCU Mobile App.  When you freeze your card it prevents purchases, cash advances and balance transfers on the card until it is unfrozen. It's free and helps keep your debit and credit cards secure.

It's the perfect tool if you've left your card somewhere, misplaced it in your house or car, or if you want to control spending and usage on a card.

Log in to the HCU Mobile App and try Freeze! before you need it.  Click on the "How it Works" tab for a quick tutorial.


How it Works

Step 1


Login to your HCU Mobile App and using the drop-down Menu select Card Services.

Step 2

You will see a list of credit/debit cards on the account. Click on the arrow icon to the right of the card you want to Freeze!

Step 3

A screen will appear that gives you two options: To temporarily freeze a card, or to report it as lost/stolen (a permanent block).



Step 4

A pop-up screen will appear asking you to confirm your choice. Click OK to confirm. Use the drop-down menu to navigate back to the account summary screen.


Note: the HCU Online Banking has the same functionality as shown here, with very similar screens.


Follow these same steps to Activate a card that is Frozen.

When a card is frozen and you present it at a merchant or ATM, the card will be declined.  Within seconds of hitting the Unfreeze button, the card is ready for normal use can be re-presented.

Have questions or need additional help? Visit your local HCU branch or contact our friendly Phone Center staff at 620.669.0177 or 800.428.8472.


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